Health and safety go hand in hand and ConocoPhillips champions wellness programs for its employees that focus on nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and personal safety. ConocoPhillips is committed to encouraging safe and healthy habits – at work and at home.

The ConocoPhillips Incident Free Culture, our Alaska-wide commitment to protecting the health and safety of our people, our resources, and the environment, is in full-force. IFC is more than just a program – it’s a culture of leadership behaviors and safe practices that enable us to reduce risk and work safer in our day-to-day routines.

In 2014, more than 5,000 ConocoPhillips Alaska employees and contractors attended workshops to learn or reinforce IFC behaviors. At ConocoPhillips Alaska, we work interdependently in an effort to ensure each person goes home safe every day. By working together, employees and contractors bring best practices to the workplace and ensure safety is the primary focus of every activity. By committing to take action, we move beyond good intentions, working safely and intervening as needed to help others do the same.  

ConocoPhillips has collaborated with other oil and gas companies in Alaska to develop the Alaska Safety Handbook. The handbook establishes standardized safety procedures in Alaska oil and gas operations, with the goal of providing workers a safer workplace by identifying and implementing best practices, by giving all employees and contractors a single set of safety rules and by insisting on uniform application of these safety procedures and standards.

Commitment to protection of the health and safety of people, the environment, property and resources is a fundamental value and belief of ConocoPhillips Alaska. Our mission is to incorporate this commitment into all we do. Our vision is to continuously improve and achieve an Incident-Free Culture.