Sustainable Development

Promoting Healthy Environments

At ConocoPhillips, our approach to sustainable development includes a commitment to creating value and improving living standards for our stakeholders, while moving our business forward and meeting current and future energy needs. We have been working with Alaskans for more than 50 years to develop a sustainable economy and to maximize our investment for the future.

ConocoPhillips has always placed the highest priority on care for and protection of the environment. The harsh Arctic conditions create unique challenges – and opportunities. Over the years, we have developed innovative technologies that minimize our effect on the environment of this inimitable land. We have also worked to ensure that Alaskans benefit from our efforts – not only in the form of a solid economy, but also through improvements to communities, human service resources and education.

We know Alaska is a very special place and we consider it a privilege to work with the residents and government leaders to make sure that sustainable oil and gas development helps us build a future for all Alaskans. ​​​​