As we have for decades, ConocoPhillips continues to sponsor environmental studies to better understand everything from air quality, hydrology and archeology to mammal and fish populations. Many studies are carried out cooperatively, working with local communities, government agencies and stakeholders to assess and monitor the ecosystems where we operate. 

Working with federal, state and local regulators, as well as local communities, we routinely develop and conduct multi-year baseline environmental studies programs including:

  • Annual hydrological surveys within important watersheds such as the Colville River delta;
  • Lake surveys to document water quality and quantity and usage by various fish species;
  • Stream surveys to document the distribution and abundance of fish species;
  • Archaeological surveys to ensure we avoid culturally significant sites or artifacts;
  • Annual wildlife surveys to document the distribution and abundance of terrestrial mammals and avian species; and
  • Vegetation mapping surveys to understand how key wildlife species use certain habitats.