ConocoPhillips Alaska is working hard to ensure that the company's philosophy on the environment is part of the culture for all employees at all Alaska facilities. From reducing the size of our North Slope drilling pads to installing energy efficient lighting, recycling and using eco-friendly cleaning products, ConocoPhillips is working to be the best environmental steward it can be at all levels of the organization.

These are just some examples of the way's ConocoPhillips Alaska its working to minimize its footprint:

  • The Anchorage Tower's data center was primarily battery operated. The system was replaced with a flywheel driven kinetic energy system, similar to an electric vehicle. The project resulted in a 20 percent energy savings and eliminated some 35 tons of lead acid batteries. This project was recognized with a top tier ConocoPhillips corporate environmental achievement award.
  • ConocoPhillips uses “green” cleaning supplies and has reduced the overall number of different chemicals needed for various projects throughout our facilities.
  • In 2017-18 over 12,000 fluorescent lights in the Anchorage Tower complex were retrofitted with LED tubes. The $500,000 project resulted in a 38% reduction in overall power consumption for the complex, greatly reduced maintenance costs with a 50,000 hour lamp life, and a simple project payback of less than nine months. 
  • With a $250,000 investment, ConocoPhillips installed 11 new energy- efficient condensing boilers in the Anchorage offices which are 93% energy efficient. These boilers have reduced gas consumption by over 50%.
  • ConocoPhillips installed temp-a-start systems on all heavy equipment at Kuparuk, saving at least 230,000 gallons of diesel in the first year.
  • Between sending tires to Fairbanks for retread and a new tire recycling contract, ConocoPhillips no longer sends tires from Kuparuk to landfills.
  • Implemented an enclosed automated system to puncture and drain aerosol cans. The hazardous fluids are collected and emptied and then the crushed aerosol cans are drummed and recycled.
  • Our recycling program includes metal, wood, electronics, paper products, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, batteries, toner and silver cartridges, x-ray film, packaging material and more.