ConocoPhillips Alaska

Recruiting & Training Programs

ConocoPhillips and its employees are part of the fabric of Alaska and its communities. We currently employ about 1,200 people in Alaska and about 85 percent of those employees call Alaska home. ConocoPhillips recruits from a number of sources within the state and works to encourage interest in the oil and gas industry and the many career paths and potential job opportunities available at ConocoPhillips. We go out of our way to recruit promising Alaskans – rural, urban, even those attending college out of state. After all, these are the ConocoPhillips employees of the future.


​Current openings in Alaska.​

ConocoPhillips recruits for interns and full-time hires at the University of Alaska Anchorage, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Kenai Peninsula College, as well as recruiting Alaskans who attend college outside the state. Our efforts have proven successful with more than half of our recent summer interns either coming from Alaska colleges, or they were Alaskans going to school in another state. Many of our university full-time hires are Alaskans as well.

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