ConocoPhillips Alaska

Environmental Stewardship

​​ConocoPhillips has always placed the highest priority on care for and protection of the environment. Over the years, we have developed innovative technology that minimizes our effect on the environment of this inimitable land. We have also worked to ensure that Alaskans benefit from our efforts – not only in the form of a solid economy, but also through improvements to communities, human service resources and education.


We believe Arctic exploration and development must be conducted at a measured pace that matches available technology, with major emphasis on environmental stewardship. The only way to truly protect the environment is to understand it – and to understand it you have to study it. That’s what ConocoPhillips has done for many years and intends to continue doing in the future. In 2014, we engaged more than 60 scientists to conduct a wide range of studies on topics like ocean acoustics, tundra vegetation, mammals, birds and fish. Our ongoing world class research programs help us understand the environment and identify better ways to protect it.

We work cooperatively with local communities and agencies, along with other stakeholders, to ensure that we monitor and track changes to the ecosystems where we operate. To date, our studies have shown that impacts to the animals that call the North Slope home have been minimal. ConocoPhillips remains committed to pursuing good science and we consider our environmental studies program “world class” within our industry. 

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