ConocoPhillips Alaska

Investment in Our Youth


ConocoPhillips believes strongly that educating Alaska’s youth and providing opportunities for them to achieve will strengthen our state. To that end, some 50 percent of our annual contributions have historically supported education and youth programs.

ConocoPhillips invests in Alaska in other ways, as well, consistently providing internship and job opportunities to Alaskans. We currently employ more than 100 University of Alaska graduates. ConocoPhillips provides internships to college students who are either studying in the University of Alaska system or are from Alaska but are studying at universities outside the state. ConocoPhillips also supports local training and educational programs that help prepare individuals for jobs in the oil industry. Additionally, the company has traditionally funded the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) and the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium (APICC), an organization that works to prepare Alaskans for future careers in the oil and gas industry. We go out of our way to recruit promising Alaskans – rural, urban, even those attending college out of state. After all, these are the ConocoPhillips employees of the future.