The Kuparuk Oil Pipeline originates in the Kuparuk River Unit, at Central Processing Facility 2, and terminates at Pump Station 1 of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.  The pipeline is approximately 37 miles in length. 


Tariff information is for convenience only and may not accurately represent the most current tariff information. Published tariffs shall govern the indicated pipeline movement. Charges and terms in addition to those listed here may apply. Please see the applicable tariff document for current information. Tariffs on file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) are provided below:

Name Regulatory Agency Tariff No. Origin Destination Rate Unit Product
 Current Tariff's
KTC TAR 17 10 0 FERC 17.10.0 KRU 
KTC RR 18 1 0              
KTC QB 20 1 0 FERC 20.1.0         Crude
 Canceled Tariff's
KTC TAR 17 9 0              
KTC TAR 17 8 0              
KTC TAR 17 6 0              
KTC QB 20 0 0              

KTC=Kuparuk Transportation Company ​TAR = Tariff​ PS-01=Pump Station 1​​ QB=Quality Bank KRU=Kuparuk River Unit
FERC=Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
MPPC=Milne Point Pipeline Connection RR=Rules and Regulation  

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