ConocoPhillips Alaska

Beluga River Gas Field

The Beluga River Gas Field, located about 35 air miles from Anchorage on the upper west side of Cook Inlet, serves major customers in Southcentral Alaska, including local utilities and industrial consumers. Beluga River production also has been used as supplemental supply for the Kenai LNG Plant.

A drilling venture among the Richfield Oil Corporation, Shell, and Standard Oil Company of California (Chevron) discovered the Beluga River Gas Field while drilling a deep oil exploration prospect in 1962. In 1986, ConocoPhillips (then ARCO) took over from Chevron as operator of the field and has continued to operate it since then.

Net natural gas production averaged nearly 19 millions of cubic feet per day (MMCFD) in 2012; gross current production from the field is typically between 80 and 90 MMCFD.

The field primarily provides gas for power generation and is now the largest source of gas for power generation for consumer use in Alaska. The Beluga River Field is operated by ConocoPhillips; co-owners are Hilcorp and Municipal Light & Power.

For more information, please see the Beluga Gas Field fact sheet.