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ConocoPhillips Alaska’s media resources web page provides information to help quickly find key facts and news about the company. To obtain additional information, contact media relations. Members of the media may contact ConocoPhillips’ corporate media relations by phone. You can reach Alaska media relations by phone or e-mail. Inquiries will receive responses within 24 hours.

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June 17, 2019
ConocoPhillips Signs Agreement with Caelus Natural Resources to Acquire Nuna Discovery Acreage

October 9, 2018
ConocoPhillips Alaska’s Greater Mooses Tooth #1 Produces First Oil

July 16, 2018
ConocoPhillips Provides Strong Outlook for its Alaska Business; Announces Discovered Resource of 0.5 – 1.1 Billion Barrels Gross from Recent Exploration Activity with 75 Percent of Prospective Acreage Yet to be Drilled 
July 3, 2018
ConocoPhillips Signs Agreements to Sell 16.5 Percent Interest in the Clair Field in the United Kingdom and Acquire an Additional 39.2 Percent Interest in the Greater Kuparuk Area in Alaska
June 4, 2018
ConocoPhillips Completes Previously Announced Bolt-On Transaction in Alaska
April 16, 2018
ConocoPhillips Announces Successful Results of 2018 Winter Exploration and Appraisal Program in Alaska
April 10, 2018
ConocoPhillips Sets New North American Drilling Record
November 15, 2017
ConocoPhillips Drill Site 1H NEWS Produces First Oil
January 13, 2017
ConocoPhillips Announces Willow Discovery in National Petroleum Reserve
November 17, 2016
ConocoPhillips in Initial Stages of Marketing the Kenai LNG Plant
October 6, 2016
ConocoPhillips Contracts for a New Extended Reach Drilling Rig
September 29, 2016
ConocoPhillips Sets Alaska Drilling Record
April 21, 2016
ConocoPhillips Alaska to Add Wells to CD5 Drill Site
January 5, 2016
ConocoPhillips donates $500,000 for energy research facility
November 23, 2015
UAA announces winning proposals for ConocoPhillips Arctic Science and Engineering Endowment
November 18, 2015
ConocoPhillips Announces Funding Approval for Greater Mooses Tooth #1
October 27, 2015
ConocoPhillips Drill Site CD5 Produces First Oil
October 12, 2015
ConocoPhillips Alaska's New Kuparuk Drill Site Produces First Oil
August 20, 2015
Drilling Underway at the ConocoPhillips CD5 Development
July 27, 2015
Cook Inlet Asset Offering
May 4, 2015
ConocoPhillips Awards $150,000 in Scholarships for Alaskans
June 4, 2015
Blood Bank Awarded Second Million Dollar Gift from ConocoPhillips
March 23, 2015
ConocoPhillips Announces Funding Approval for Kuparuk 1H News
January 29, 2015
ConocoPhillips to Slow Investment on Greater Mooses Tooth Development
December 18, 2014
Blood Bank Awarded Million Dollar Gift from ConocoPhillips
November 19, 2014
ConocoPhillips Alaska Contracts for a New Coiled Tubing Drilling Rig
October 24, 2014
ConocoPhillips Announces Funding Approval for Kuparuk Drill Site 2S
October 7, 2014
ConocoPhillips Alaska Announces Engineering Contracts to Support North Slope Production
September 8, 2014
Alaska LNG Project Marks Milestone with Submission of FERC Pre-Filing Request
July 31, 2014
ConocoPhillips Alaska Second Quarter 2014 Earnings Review
July 28, 2014
ConocoPhillips Alaska Contracts for a New Drilling Rig
June 17, 2014
ConocoPhillips awards $300,000 to support Alaska conservation projects
May 5, 2014
ConocoPhillips makes early final payment of $15 Million Gift to University of Alaska
May 2, 2014
20 Alaska High School Students Receive ConocoPhillips Scholarships
May 1, 2014
First Quarter 2014 Alaska Earnings Review
April 14, 2014
ConocoPhillips Announces Resumption of Exports from the Kenai LNG Facility
February 18, 2014
ConocoPhillips Files Permit Applications for 1H NEWS
January 30, 2014
Fourth-Quarter 2013 Alaska Earnings Review
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