ConocoPhillips Alaska

Education and Youth

ConocoPhillips believes strongly that educating Alaska’s youth and providing opportunities for them to achieve will strengthen our state. To that end, some 50 percent of our annual contributions have historically supported education and youth programs.

ConocoPhillips supported statewide education efforts with more than $1 million donated to universities and other programs. Highlights for 2014 included: $500,000 to the University of Alaska Fairbanks for its Alaska Center for Energy and Power; $100,000 of unrestricted support to Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage; $100,000 to the community college of Ilisaġvik in Barrow; and $100,000 to the United Way of Anchorage’s 90% by 2020 initiative.


ConocoPhillips has continued its collaboration with the National Energy Education Development (NEED) program to present energy education workshops for teachers in the Anchorage and Fairbanks areas. The workshops are designed to equip K-12 teachers with tools to improve their students’ energy knowledge and encourage classroom dialogue about energy.